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May 2, 2017

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SOLUTION FOR MTURK LOGIN PROBLEM 2017:- Mechanical Turk is One of the Famous Earning Money Site online. It was belonging to Amazon. Under this site number of workers are working. But Some time we got trouble at this website. i.e. Sign-in Problem. 

Is it Right..! Oh if you reached this website means you people are getting the sign-in problem at Mturk (Amazon Mechanical Turk) Right. Few Days back i’m also getting same error, On that time i seen lot of websites. But I didn’t get Any reference. Everyone Told some false answers. After one fine day i got Amazon Customer Care Mobile Number and asked them what’s the problem. 

The Solution is Very Simple i.e. I’m not wasting your time. So please maintain some patience. For resolving your sign-in problem you have to follow the below steps, then your account will be get back to within 24 hours. *T&C Apply.

  1. First of all who are facing this problem those guys are trying to contact amazon people instead of mturk customers. 
  2.  In India Amazon Customer Care Number is :- 1800 3000 9009 , If you are from USA Means you will contact Customer Care Number is:- +1 888 280 4331.
  3.  After Contacting the Amazon Customer Care people, they told your account is on hold due to billing address verifying or some other thing like that. You don’t worried and you can ask your doubts freely. Within 5 Min, amazon technical people will contact you, after that within 24 hours your account will get back as normal State

If you are contacting the Mturk Customer Care instead of Amazon Customer Care they will send one shocking message to your mail id. On that time I got the mail from the Mturk Customer Service i attached below my screen shot.



When I got this Mail On that time I shocked because i’m not doing any TOS Violation but they told due to the violation my account was removed from the mturk site. After within 1 hour I got Amazon Customer Care mail. 

So My Best Suggestion is Instead of Contacting the Mturk Customer Care you need to contact the amazon customer care people, But on that time you don’t need to mention regarding to your mturk. If you said like that they told Sorry Sorry we are not responsible for the Mturk. You have to ask your query to Mturk People Like that they will tell. So don’t tell any thing about mturk problems to the amazon customer care people. You just ask like this way “When I Tried to open my account at amazon it showing the error like ‘There was a problem, your password is incorrect’ i tried using the forgot option after that i generated a new password to my account then also i got same kind of error. Can u Plz resolve my issue?” like that you just asked your question to the amazon customer care people. Within 24 hours you will get back your account. This is not fake post, I genuinely written this post, I already shared screen shots also. So Good Luck. Thank you. Bye.


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